What is it like to attend New York Fashion Week?


The new york fashion week is a series of events that occur twice every year in February and September. Generally, this event lasts for a period of 7 to 8 days. Internation fashion is displayed to buyers, the press and the public in this event. It is a part of the big 4, which includes Paris, Milan, and London.

Celebrities who attend new york fashion week

A number of celebrities including Renell Medrano, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski and many others visit the event representing fasion brands. The celebrities walk on ther ed carpet lined in for the walk and press is gathered around these carets to click pictures of these celebrities as the enter the venue.

Brands represented in new york fashion week

The brands or designers who represent themselves in new york fasion week are considered to be high end and the most celebrated designers. It is considered as an honour to get their designed clothes displayed in the fashion week.

Celebrities too consider this as an honour to get to walk the red carpet of the new york fashion week in order to represent thesse celebrated designers.

This event has a deep and long history in the fasion world. From desiners to celebrities to the press everybody prepares for the event from month before it. Various shows and gatherings happen in these 7-9 days of the events. Each day representing some or the other theme. So, thus is the experience of attending the new york fashion week.

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