Know about the tips for Best mascara to buy in 2019

While walking under a cosmetics store, don’t you always feel that there should be a policy of test and buy! Well, unfortunately, all of your favourite mascaras are always packed under sheer cardboard and hard plastic wrapping that stops you from trying on the best brands that you love. Well, no matter what, we still have a rescue for you. People often end up getting confused when we talk about the Best mascara to buy in 2019! However, if you are also one of those, then here we are bringing in some of the best ways of choosing a mascara that would fit under your choice list in the upcoming year.

  • Go for skinny wands- there are various brands that majorly rely on skinny wands for coating your eyelashes with a beautiful shade. So, if you are a perfection lover an wish to leave no stone unturned, then select this one as it covers them all. Even the tiniest and the thinnest strands of hair that are on the edge or inner side of your eyes, get fully covered with a skinny wand.
  • Spiral one will do the work– spiral or the double helix brush is a great innovation for all those women who always struggle with their short and fine hair lashes. It goes in the right motion, giving your eyes the perfect look and flair that you have always desired.
  • Hourglass is the talk of the town– this one contains arches on both the sides of the applicator, while it is thinner in the centre part. So, when you choose such Best mascara to buy in 2019, you get an applicator that gives your lashes a perfectly dramatic flair. With the curvy wand, the hair on your eyes outer corner gets lifted up, providing you with a subtle wide awake appearance.

So, these were some kind of Best mascara to buy in 2019, with the types of brushes that will always keep you beautiful and your eyes glow!

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